Current State of IPFS

While IPFS is up and running, users are still patiently waiting for Filecoin to bring their test net online. The current delays have been attributed to complications in the mathematical theory related to Proof of Spacetime and Proof of Replication. For more information, be sure to keep tabs on Filecoin’s twitter: https://twitter.com/minefilecoin

In a recent update, the Filecoin team shared a rare window into their product development process. ‘The Replication Game’ was recently announced, which provides a crowd-sourced way to earn tokens for finding bugs!

In their Q3 / Q4 report, released in February 2019, the Filecoin team announced they would be opening a testnet and developer access to preliminary consensus models. This puts them on track for their goal to have a fully functional network online by the end of the 2019 calendar year. You can also visit their public working google doc for regular updates on the progress towards milestones.