Did you know?

Almost half of US Energy production is wasted each year due to separate and uncooperative systems, and consumers foot the bill.

Current State

Interoperability in technology refers to the design of systems as complimentary modules. Most of the infrastructure that we take for granted today is the result of a concerted effort to produce, distribute, and maintain individual component technologies.

Conceptual Goal

Blockchain and Web 3.0 present an opportunity to create a system without the bottlenecks of the current model. By democratizing access and opening incentive structures, we can provide greater opportunity for everyone while making the system more stable.

What can we do today?

1. Use smart contracts to allow separate blockchains to interact

2. Build and support new products as modular solutions, with integration as a design principle rather than just a feature

3. Build and support products that act as bridges between existing technology and new systems

Check out our section on energy for more on how these systems can promote independence.

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