One key way that the Institute promotes adoption is by content creation and distribution. Our delegates will be providing educational resources as well as recording the event, so stop by our booth and get in on the action!

The International Blockchain Congress is held annually in Chicago to promote the adoption of blockchain and distributed systems. This year’s focus on smart contracts attracted leading experts from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Australia, and North America. See the event online.

 Operations Manager Jordan Ruiz and Content Lead Jeremy Cogan deep in conversation

 The Blockchain Institute Team

Hong Kong University

November 12, 2018

HKU BLOCKCHAIN WORKSHOP NOVEMBER 12 Digital Ledger technology and distributed computing have come a long way. The Blockchain Institute’s founder, Taylor Gerring spoke earlier this month at Hong Kong University’s Blockchain Center. The institute will be working with the university to provide blockchain educational material. Related

Loyalty Live

October 16, 2018

LOYALTY MEETS BLOCKCHAIN OCTOBER 16 From October 16-18 the Loyalty Live Blockchain Conference took place in Chicago. Experts in the loyalty and blockchain fields met to discuss how the two can intersect. Top executives from Walmart, DigitalFutures, RewardOps, and DigitalBits were all in attendance to collaborate in discussions on integrating blockchain solutions into the loyalty … Continue reading Loyalty Live

South Side Blockchain Meetup

October 13, 2018

SOUTH SIDE BLOCKCHAIN MEETUP OCTOBER 13 On October 13th the Blockchain Institute was proud to sponsor the South Side Blockchain Meetup. Eager programmers of all skill levels participated in the event. The topic focused on the Loom Network and their gamified Solidity tutorial, Crypto Zombies. Crypto Zombies is a web app that creates a guided … Continue reading South Side Blockchain Meetup

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