Jeremy Cogen

Content Lead

Jeremy is a co-creator of Blockchain.WTF and leads content direction at the Insititute. His experience as an educator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and his enthusiastic outlook on the impact of new technology bring passion and energy to the team.

Corey DiNardo

Marketing Coordinator
Corey DiNardo has a degree in business administration with a specialty in marketing from Ohio University and is an avid photographer. Corey became interested in decentralized systems after he learned about ethereum and got involved in mining.

Joseph Onystok II

Digital Media Specialist

Joseph Onystok is our resident Digital Media Specialist who handles all photo and video content for the Blockchain Institute. As an independant photographer and artist, Joe is passionate about bringing blockchain technology to the media production industry.

Jason Swearingen

Brand & UX Design

Jason Swearingen is an illustrator and designer with a background in education software development and the music industry. They manage the brand identity and user experience at The Blockchain Institute, as well as merchandising and graphic design.

Alex Morris

Research & Development

Alex has managed software development across several industries, and now manages technical contributions at the Institute.

A number of libraries and tools are published on our Github repo. Follow him on medium for regular blockchain content and tutorials!


Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon is an attorney and CPA at the Gordon Law Group. Andrew has been active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2013, both as an investor and a service provider.

Hannah Rosenberg

Hannah Rosenberg is a developer, economist and entrepreneur and alumni of the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the founder of Velas Commerce, a Blockchain training and consultancy business, and is the organizer of Chicago’s largest blockchain community group, the Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup.

Jordan Xavier

Secretary, Treasurer

Jordan is an expert in non-profit management and brings years of valuable experience in strategy, management, and marketing to the Institute’s board.

Taylor Gerring

Executive Director
Taylor deployed and managed a variety of systems for large enterprise environments before ultimately joining the blockchain industry in 2012. After working with Bitcoin and the Hive cryptocurrency wallet, Taylor helped establish the Ethereum Foundation and is currently an international speaker, educator, and blockchain consultant.

Jason Kin Hoi Fang

Jason is the Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, Asia’s first crypto- backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital asset investments. He is also the founder of Sora Foundation, an initiative that consists of blockchain development, community development, and conferences. Jason has a background is UI/UX design, iOS frontend development, and a bachelor of science from Bentley University in Massachusetts where he majored in Finance and minored in Law.

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