Did you know?

On average, data collected on websites is transferred through at least 5 third party servers without the user’s knowledge

Current State

While the internet has made it possible for anyone to publish content, the publishing tools themselves have become potential points of failure.

Conceptual Goal

As content online becomes more and more interchangeable for real world experience, social media companies and content providers will be the primary source of information for many people. It’s up to us to dictate the terms of that situation in advance, and to stay vigilant for changes to the status quo.

What can we do today?

1. Develop more systems that are designed to promote open sharing of ideas, rather than the extraction of direct profit

2. Actively track and hold firms accountable for their influence

3. Choose to engage only with communities and products that value open communication and freedom of speech

Check out our section on finance for more on how these systems can promote independence. You can also visit our Courses Portal for free and learn how to apply this technology in your field!

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