The internet as we know it has evolved to suit our needs. With each iteration, we’ve brought offline technologies online. Generally, we’ve done so in the simplest way possible.

As systems move online, it’s important to be able to prove who you are, and to stop others from impersonating you. Privacy and security need to be at the core of everything we build, rather than just an afterthought.

Did you know?

In 2017, 1/10 Americans was the victim of online fraud, with over $16 Billion dollars stolen.

Current State

As we bring more of our information online to solve problems, security will need to adapt to keep up.

Conceptual Goal

If the Internet is to become the core of our society, it’s important that we begin to support firms who deal with privacy and security as a focus, rather than an afterthought.

What can we do today?

1. Demand opt-in systems where users have more choice in which data they expose

2. Offer premium or “No Ads” options to increase direct support of projects, rather than relying on user data for profit

3. Choose not to participate in systems that profit from your data unfairly

Check out our section on healthcare for more on how these systems can help users control their data. You may also enjoy our free course on Blockchain Security, which covers how it’s possible to share information on a blockchain network without compromising privacy.

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